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Farm Direct Partners is a US importer and distributor that focuses on sourcing and delivering primarily from Colombia and Latin America. FDP is a subsidiary of Farmfolio  and through its affiliated companies, FDP has direct access to farms themselves, developing agreements with them to streamline our services.


FDP commits to providing the finest citrus, and tropical fruits through outstanding service and unified integration within all phases of the global supply chain. With our expertise in distribution as well as emphasis in effective and timely communication, we produce results-focused solutions through efficiency and forward thinking initiatives

Farm Fresh Delivered, Simply Direct

FDP’s model and approach promises a product of the highest quality standards. As innovators in the fresh produce industry, we are optimized and diligent in regards to our direct delivery methods, so that our clients can rely on us for their order fulfillment, and ultimately build trust to foster long standing relationships with our customers.

Focus on Sustainability 

Our growers in LATAM rely on minimal synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, leading to a greater, consistent yield and reducing the risk of disruption caused by regulatory changes or market demands to use more eco-friendly products. At FDP, we value and acknowledge the importance of sustainability, and continue to assess how we and our growers can accelerate its implementation.

Transparency To Meet Market Demands

By disseminating important guidelines and following up with continuous support throughout all operations processes from farm to last mile, we enhance crop quality and assure effective techniques and protocols are implemented with our growers through agronomy programs, facilitation of certifications, and regular trainings.

No Waste Directive

The quantity of wasted fruit that gets excluded from the export market is alarming and unnecessary due to the smallest imperfections. We aim to deliver this unallocated, high quality fruit to alleviate the excessively high fruit prices for our clients, ultimately leading to a more satisfied consumer. This commitment also extends to our growers, where we comprehensively analyze how to generate more gains and enhance profit margins from their harvest, achieving favorable outcomes for exportation.

Our Footprint

Through our boots on the ground approach, Farm Direct Partners has established superior, vertically integrated operations throughout the western hemisphere.

Assisting customers worldwide

Who we are

We are the largest importer and distributor of Colombian limes. Born in Colombia, spreading throughout LATAM, and extending our operations to various produce sectors.

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Efficiently Integrated Direct Delivery

Farm Direct Partners is a leading sourcer, supplier, and distributor of citrus and tropical fruits. Through forming strong partnerships and maintaining strict quality control over farms and packaging facilities in Latin America, FDP supplies these fruit products and offerings to a diverse customer base, including major retailers and food service providers.

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Our strength lies within a variety of products and direct sourcing, meeting the demands and sourcing of our customers, catering to a wide range of market segments year round.*

*Strategically operating to provide year round reliability

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Farm direct partners is a leading integrated and diversified fruit grower, packer and distributor of fresh fruit across the globe.


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Meet your Direct Team

Dax Cooke

Sales and marketing

Leading sales and innovating in direct distribution to meet the demands of our customers.

Oscar Baracaldo


Ensuring operations maintain standards of quality, through traceability, and consistent product supply.

Andres Vegas

US Logistics

Providing personalized solutions and prompt responses to optimize service in the United States.

Jeremy Siegel

Food safety

Carrying out reporting about safety and quality on a regular basis.

Marissa Freezy


Guaranteeing that financials are delivered and processed with accuracy and in a timely fashion.

Ricardo Ruiz

Colombia logistics

Providing personalized solutions and prompt responses to optimize service in Colombia.